Tino Cochino

Weeknights 7pm-11pm


Get To Know The DJ


1. What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Ambitious. Determined. Appreciative.


2. What is the best concert you ever attended?

The first show that came to mind was actually very recent. It was the Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign “Vultures” Listening Party. The crazy thing is, it was an arena experience with no stage and no microphones. We never even saw their faces yet the experience was something indescribable. 


3. What are you most grateful for in life? 

My wife. I’ve never had a close relationship with family and I can count by best friends on one hand and still have fingers left over. The connection and understanding we have is something I’m not only grateful for but something I wish for everyone to find in life for themselves. 


4. Describe your perfect day.

It’s either gonna be a shopping spree at the mall by myself or a beach day with my wife, ice cold micheladas and a good breeze. 


5. What is your all-time favorite food?

Pizza. Easy. I actually have a mini pizza tattoo on my left index finger. 


6. Do you prefer cooking dinner or going out?

Going out. I love the vibe. Getting ready, the energy of a busy restaurant, good drinks, dim lighting, etc. 


7. What’s the best wi-fi name you’ve seen?



8. What is the weirdest thing in your home?

Diapers. Reason being is that we have no kids. However, my dogs like to completely disrespect us and pee any and everywhere. Lol! 


9. What’s the worst pick-up line?

“I work for Tino Cochino Radio”


10. What’s the silliest way you’ve ever gotten an injury?

7th grade. P.E. A volleyball was coming straight to my face and I tried to block it with my hand. Ended up breaking my pinky. At the time I didn’t know it was broke, I thought it was just swollen. It ended up healing all messed up and now it’s crooked. Lol.