General Rules: Contests and Promotions


General Rules and Regulations: Contests and Give-Aways


Please read the following carefully; the following rules govern all contests, promotions and give-aways for KCDU-FM.

  1. No purchase necessary in order to participate in the contest

  2. Officers, employees, and employee-volunteers of KCDU-FM and its parent company, STEPHENS MEDIA GROUP, as well as their immediate families, are not eligible to participate in the contest

  3. All winners must be at least 18 years of age.

  4. Participants may win only once during any 30 day period. Winners are not eligible to participate and win a prize until after 30 days from the date of their last win. If the prize is valued at greater than $150 participants must wait 45 days from the last date of their last win.

  5. The decision of KCDU-FM and STEPHENS MEDIA GROUP in verifying and confirming winners will be final. KCDU-FM and STEPHENS MEDIA GROUP reserve the right to discontinue on-going promotions and contests as deemed necessary.

  6. Prizes are non-transferable KCDU-FM and STEPHENS MEDIA GROUP reserve the right to substitute prizes if the prizes promised become unavailable during the duration of the promotion.  The alternative prize may be of equal or greater value than original prize.  Non-cash prizes are not convertible to cash.  Prizes that are time and date sensitive such as concert tickets and trips cannot be substituted if the winner is unable to use such prize.  Event tickets have a zero dollar value and winners who attempt to sell tickets are subject to scalping laws, ticket deactivation and will not be allowed to win tickets from any Radio Monterey Bay property due to liability of recipient’s actions.

  7. Taxes may be due for certain prizes awarded by KCDU-FM.  Winners will be responsible to pay any taxes due.  Station KCDU-FM will file IRS Form 1099-MISC reporting the winner of any prize valued at $600.00 or more, or the winner of prizes valued at a total of $600.00 or more during a calendar year.  Thus, KCDU-FM may ask winners for their social security numbers or to complete IRS Form W-9, Request forTaxpayer Identification Number and Certification.

  8. Winners must provide photo identification when claiming prizes.

  9. All phone calls to our request lines are customarily recorded and may be broadcast on the air.  In addition, certain winners may also be required to sign a release to authorize KCDU-FM and STEPHENS MEDIA GROUP radio network to use their name in future promotions and contests or to put their voices, image and comments on the air as a form of testimonial for promotional purposes only, without additional payment or consideration.

  10. Prizes that are unclaimed within 30 days after the announcement shall be forfeited. Checks awarded as cash prize shall be voided and forfeited if not cashed within six months from the date of the check.  Cash prizes can only be awarded if the necessary photo identification is presented. Date sensitive prizes must be picked up 48 hours prior to the event or they will be redistributed.

  11. Due to the coverage of STEPHENS MEDIA GROUP nationwide, a contest may be voided in locations where prohibited.

  12. All prizes won are used at the winner’s own risk and responsibility.

  13. Each winner shall hold KCDU-FM, STEPHENS MEDIA GROUP and their officers, employees and agents free from any liability or responsibility for winner’s use of the prizes.

  14. The winner will be responsible for the time spent, transportation, taxes, tips and other costs in connection with the receipt or use of the prize won, without any liability or responsibility by KCDU-FM, STEPHENS MEDIA GROUP, and their officers, directors, members, employees and agents.

  15. These rules are subject to change or modification at any time by STEPHENS MEDIA GROUP.

  16. A copy of these rules may be picked up at 80 Garden Court Suite 102 in Monterey California 93940 during normal business hours or by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the above address.