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Nominate a needy family!

All of us at 101.7 The Beach want to make sure that all kids, on the Central Coast, have a present to open on Christmas morning. Do you know of a family going through tough times who may not have the money to buy their children presents this year? The Beach's Joy Fund wants to help!

To nominate a family in need,

Your First Name:
Your Last Name:
Your E-Mail Address:
Your Phone Number:
First Name of family member you are nominating:
Last Name of family member you are nominating:
Phone Number of family you are nominating:
Please tell us about the family you're nominating & why they need help with presents this holiday season:

If you prefer you can also mail a nomination letter to:
KCDU - 101.7 The Beach
ATTN: Joy Fund
60 Garden Ct., Suite 300
Monterey, CA 93940

Please be sure to include a contact phone number for both yourself and for the family you're nominating.

*** Please NOTE ***:  There will be many nominations for The Beach's Joy Fund. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, we will pick families, at random, to help out this Holiday Season. Unfortunately, we will not be able to grant every submission.  Thank you  for understanding and thanks for  taking the time to nominate a family in need. Happy Holidays from 101.7 The Beach!